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Ryby a mořské plody na grill

Fish on the grill

We probably cannot imagine summer without grilling. And not only summer. For grilling all year, we offer the best and always fresh various types of fish and seafood, both without seasoning and marinated. The marinated fish dishes have been seasoned to perfection by our master chef Tomáš Císařovský and his team and will make your grilling an unforgettable experience. Do not overlook our sauces, dips, chutney or popular focaccia either. A glass of fine wine, which you can also order from our e-shop, goes very well with fish.

Fish and seafood


Tomáš Císařovský recomends

We have prepared our delicate sauces in particular for dishes of meat and fish that are not marinated. Salmon and tiger shrimp, which are excellent with shrimp bisque, are an exception. Otherwise, you do not have to worry about combining them. The rest of the sauces taste delicious with all types of meat.