Lunch menu

Lunch menu is serverd from 11:30 am until 14:00 pm.

Now you can also have our tasting menu for lunch.

Lunch menu

Lunch menu 26.07. - 30.07.2021


Soup of the day

115 CZK

Shrimp cocktail, avocado, tomato, coriander, bruschetta

245 CZK

Chickpeas hummus, goat cheese, papadam, tomato salsa

195 CZK

Octopus carpaccio, fennel, yuzu, mango and coriander dressing

345 CZK

Duck liver foie gras terrine, Moscato jelly, grapes, brioche with nuts

365 CZK

Seared venison saddle, Granny Smith, celery, currant jelly, ginger bread

295 CZK

Main Courses


Pineapple, cacao clay, chocolate ice cream, egg liqueur sauce

185 CZK

Wild berries, white chocolate cream, sweet sponge

150 CZK

Apricote mille feuille, curd, elderberry

175 CZK
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • New